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What To Expect

Initial evaluations are 75 minutes, with 3-4 main components:


1- Subjective History

  • We will sit down in a calm, safe environment to discuss in-depth what brings you into the clinic.
  • We tell all my patients that it may be their first time dealing with their issues, but it’s definitely NOT our first time hearing it.


2- External Physical Exam

  • This includes a full orthopedic assessment of your muscles and joints. We want to see how you move your spine, hips, knees, ankles and how you engage your core muscles (diaphragm, abs, back, and pelvic floor).


3- Internal Exam

  • After a thorough medical history and orthopedic assessment, it is determined if an internal vaginal and/or rectal exam is necessary to reach your treatment goals. If so, and consent is given, a pelvic floor muscle examination is performed.
  • The internal work is just one component to the overall treatment plan. We treat the patient as a whole and internal pelvic exam is only a part of that. 

  • Having the knowledge that this work exists can be so helpful in recovery of symptoms.  

  • Some clients might need internal work weekly for a months, others only once and some will even continue doing parts of it on their own at home. It is completely individualized, there is no one size fits all approach.



4- The Wrap Up

  • This includes explaining our findings and how we believe that is playing a role in your symptoms.
  • Explaining the 3 phases of treatment and how they will look.

  • Scheduling out appointments.



You should leave the evaluation with:


  1. CONFIDENCE in the pelvic physical therapy process.

  2. Understanding how other areas (your pelvic floor, hips, back, etc) are playing a role in your symptoms.

  3. 1-3 things for an initial home program.

  4. Mental/physical notes to bring back next time (depends on the patient).

  5. Understanding of what the next “phase” of therapy looks like.

  6. Instructions on scheduling.

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